About Jana:


I am a mom to five great kids and love any time I can get alone with my best friend/husband, Phil. I have always wanted to be a teacher and a stay at home mom, but I never dreamed I could do both at the same time! I am enjoying the homeschool lifestyle and love learning alongside my kids.

I have a degree in Elementary Education, but I have learned more "on the job" as a homeschool mom than college could ever teach. I love learning about how kids learn and trying new methods with my "class." I have been dabbling in homeschool since the beginning, but as I have gained confidence in my abilities to teach my own.   My children have experienced public school, private school, charter school, online school, co-op school, and finally(!) we have happily embraced homeschooling.

Homeschool makes being a mother so much more fun! I am passionate about teaching mothers and fathers how to teach their children and hope to help others skip the long hard road I took to find how fun and doable homeschool can be. I am honored and excited to share my journey with you!