Your style fits well with a "Traditional" approach to education.  


     Traditional education will feel comfortable to most of us because we received a traditional education in public school.  Curriculum will follow a scope and sequence tailored to fit into 180 days each year over a span of twelve years.  There are textbooks, workbooks, graded quizzes, test, and teachers manuals.  There are a lot of wonderful choices for curricula available that follow a  traditional approach.  Video programs and online options are available.  Many Universities and Private Schools offer programs and courses for homeschoolers.




Strengths of Traditional Education: 


  • Everything is laid out and ready to use.  
  • There is a lot less guess work involved.
  • Grading and record keeping will be clear cut and easy.
  • Follows a standardized scope and sequence.
  • If you are planning to send your kids back to public school at some point this style is the most like the public school system.  

 Weaknesses of Traditional Education:

  • Does not cater to a child with learning disabilities or gifted children.  
  • Does not allow flexibility for children with different learning styles.  
  • Can be expensive when teaching multiple children because they will not be doing any subjects together.
  • Can lack variety and has a high "burn out" rate. 
  • Can discourages original, independent thinking.  

Traditional Homeschool Resources and Curriculum



Bob Jones- Christian based curriculum.  

K12 -       

There are three options through K12:

  1. Independent Study - A parent can purchase some or all of their materials.  You do not have to purchase their monthly online service that provides extra teaching material, course outlines, quizzes and grading services if you do not want to.  This will significantly decrease the price. 
  2. Virtual Private School- K12 provides teacher support through their virtual school.  
  3. K12 Public School- Many states will pay for this program for your child through the state funds for education.  Be aware that choosing this option you will have to follow their schedule and report attendance.  Your children will also be assigned a teacher. 

Alpha and Omega Publications

  • Horizons - Textbooks
  • Lifepac - Work Text
  • Monarch - Computer Based
  • Switched-on Schoolhouse - Computer Based

Time 4 Learning - Online/Computer Based


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