Community Leadership


Every Homeschooling community can use great leaders; people who are willing to step up and make things happen.  Having a strong network of other homeschoolers can make a big impact on your family's experience with homeschooling.  You will find as you join hands with other homeschool families that there is nothing your family need miss out on as homeschoolers. 

This page is dedicated to helping you become a leader in your community, and giving you ideas and support as you strive to make a difference. 




Ideas for Homeschool Group Activities

  • Field Day
  • Art Festival
  • Awards Night
  • Science Fair
  • Holiday Parties
  • PE in the Park
  • Year Book Committee
  • Family Dance
  • Teen Game Night
  • Couples Club
  • Moms Night Out/Support Group
  • Family Book Club
  • Art Club
  • Chess Club
  • Lego Club
  • Debate Club

Tips and Tricks to make things run more smoothly


Sign Up Genius - If you haven't heard of sign up genius, you will soon learn how it got its name!  This is one of the most amazing tools for organizing homeschool events.  You can create any kind of sign up for any event and post a link to your sign up.  Everything is done online and you can set it up to get notifications as people sign up.  You can send out reminders and announcements to the participants.  If you haven't used it, check it out!

PayPal - Pay pal makes it very easy to collect money.  If you set it up right, you will not be charged to collect money from friends and family.  This can be a great help to collect money for field trips or special events.  

Facebook Groups - There is a way to create a "secret" or private group on facebook so that you can easily communicate with your group.  Facebook is a quick and easy way to manage your group and is a wonderful forum for group discussion.  

Yahoo Groups - Yahoo Group is also a great way to start a group.  People can join and communicate via email.