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You have question?  We have answers.  

It is our goal to show you HOW many other homescholers, just like you, are finding ways to be successful.  We will draw from the LDS homeschool community as well as the homeschool community at large, to bring you the best websites, articles, videos, and resources to aid and inspire you on your journey.  Homeschooling is a great responsibility but you are not alone.  Visit our "Teachers Lounge" to ask questions and gain insight from other parents who are in the trenches or perspective from those who have reached the finish line of their child's education.        


This aint my first rodeo.  I need to know that I can get through the nitty gritty stuff.  I've run into some road blocks and could use some encouragement. 


Here are LDS-NHA we believe that every parent is a leader in their own home.  On this page you will find the encouragement, motivation, inspiration and training that you need to be the kind of leader that your children need you to be.   


The homeschooling community that you are involved with can have a huge impact on your family's experience with homeschooling.   Any effort that you make to build and strengthen the homeschooling community in your area will come back to you ten fold.  If you would like to learn how you can get involved in your community, you have come to the right place. 

I've decided to homeschool . . . but HOW do I do it? 

I have decided to homeschool and I have researched until I'm blue in the face.  How do I put all of this information into action?


Feeling Lost? 

But HOW do I homeschool?? 

Motivation, inspiration, and why?? 


Teaching addition facts and multiplication facts. 

Math Mammoth Youtube Channel - For more teaching tips. 

How to have a clean homeschool.  - An excellent article from Moore Academy

How to put together a Homeschool Schedule

How to organize a Homeschool Room

How to Schedule your homeschool Day

How to teach children of all ages in school

How to not give up

I said I'd never homeschool


How to plan your TIME

How to plan your SPACE

How to plan your THINGS




Child Learning Style Quiz

Teaching Style Quiz

Adult Learning Style Quiz

Discover your child's personality type and learn how to Teach to your child's learning style.  HERE

Afraid to even think about homeschooling?  Don't Be! 

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