Marjorie Meyer is the founder of School of Abraham and a former Board member of the National LDS Homeschool Association. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.S. degree in Psychology. She completed graduate studies in Instructional Science at BYU and at the University of Utah in School Psychology, prior to serving a mission in Portugal. Marji has been homeschooling since 1991. She is an enthusiastic advocate of classical education, and moderates several email support groups. To make the commitment to homeschool, she feels that we first must acknowledge that the Lord has placed mothers at the headwaters of life, in the home. We eliminate the unnecessary and spiritually distracting from our lives, and commit to our spiritual role as the essential shapers of the next generation. In the process, we will be figuratively "resurrected" emotionally and spiritually--and come to know ourselves and our children more fully than we ever have before. Our children's spiritual survival may depend on what we choose to do with our own life, our time, and our talents.

As the mother of eight children, Marji is currently enrolled in Life's University, where she finds the coursework to be the most challenging she has encountered. The key to successful family education, she believes, is "having a brain, a heart, and courage!" -- and understanding that 'There's no place like home.'

Her determination to homeschool has been strengthened by Elder Eyring’s words:

“In the days ahead, the Lord will raise the spiritual bar again and again. And our children will rise higher and higher to more than clear that rising expectation. They will make the choices to receive Joel’s promised spiritual outpouring deep in their hearts. (Joel 2:27–32)

“Joel’s promised spiritual outpouring is not poetry, nor is it allegory; it is description of reality as it will be. Some of it will happen so gradually that we may not notice it. Some has already begun across the Church and we may not have seen the blessing developing. We [must do what we can] to help the Lord with these miracles.” (Elder Henry B. Eyring, CES Satellite Training Broadcast, August 4, 2004).

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