Donna Goff  lives in Orem, Utah with her husband Roger and their two youngest children.  She is the mother of four sons and three daughters 15-35. She is grandmother of two granddaughters, eight grandsons, and two on the way; all under ten! She has home educated her children since the early 1980s, and been doing Charlotte Mason (CM) since 1994 and Thomas Jefferson Education (TJEd) since 1995. Donna believes in prioritizing- God, family, and outreach, in that order. Donna earned her BA in Fine Art and Design from Brigham Young University ‘80, 5 Pillar Certification ‘06, and MA Ed. George Wythe University ‘08.  Donna has been a keynote speaker and has presented at dozens of conferences in California, Nevada, Utah and Virginia, since 1995.  She created Momculture yahoo group in 2000 and Mentoring Our Own Yahoo Group in 2002. Donna and her daughters co-founded The Princess Academies in 2009, now The Royal Academe, an organization for mothers and their families promoting a whole education. Donna loves to be a wife and mother; she also loves to learn, create, provident living, gardening, hiking, stained glass murals, sharing, being a frugalite and life! 

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