Howdy y'all. I love being a native Texan! And I'm still here soaking in the southern hospitality. Somehow I missed the southern accent though.

Homeschooling and I have always traveled an interesting path together. I started my journey in middle school, though initially I turned down the offer from my parents, after strong promptings and intense prayers I knew I needed to give it a try. It was one of the most spiritual summers of my life. That first month I met a young man who I wanted to instantly know. We quickly became the best of friends and homeschooling gave us the opportunity to grow and deepen our friendship. This is one of my most treasured blessings of homeschooling. 

At 17 years old, I found myself in Sandy, UT where I nannied six amazing children.  I fell in love with the area and stayed to attend UVSC (now UVU). Succeeding in college boosted my academic confidence. I am passionate about learning new things and I love challenging preconceived notions and ideas, including my own!

I married my sweetheart in the Houston temple a few months after his mission. In the midst of trials, and heart breaking struggles, we brought four beautiful, healthy boys into the world within a four year period.  I was active with my children's schooling in pre-k and kindergarten and have done extensive work with a couple of our boys who had speech training.  In 2010 my husband took new employment in Dallas, TX and we found ourselves saying good-bye to the family business, our first house of 5 years, and all of our dear friends.  We've come to North Texas and fallen in love with the area, especially the lack of humidity and the changing of seasons we enjoy. 

Through multiple experiences I felt the desire to have the blessings of homeschooling in our family and we made the choice to begin this journey.  At the same time the Lord decided to send us a new bundle of joy in our youngest child and only daughter.  With 5 kids my life is never dull and boring.  I find that there is a power of womanhood found inside the family when you take the time to discover who one another truly is.  This is where true joy and happiness can be found in motherhood.

As time goes on I plan to become a nurse mid-wife and help deliver babies in third world countries as well as serve missions for the LDS church and be the greatest grandmother ever!  Until then I will be living the home school life with my family and enjoying every minute of it.