Hang out with homeschooled teens from all over the country at our National Teen Conference!  Come and experience a power packed weekend full of fun and learning! 


Stand Your Ground

By:  Diana Hoelscher

Do you ever feel that you are riding a spirituality roller coaster? That you are committed and full of the Spirit one week, then shaky and struggling the next? In Stand Your Ground, popular speaker Diana Hoelscher shares ideas to help us be firmer in our testimony and more resistant to the influences of Satan in our life. She says, "If you are going to beat an enemy, it's good to know his strategy. Of all the personal studies I've ever done, one of the most valuable has been the study of how Satan gets to me." As an example, she describes some of the ways in which she is tempted to neglect her daily scripture study, citing the excuses and rationalizations that may come to mind. Because she has identified Satan's tactics, she is more determined to "not let him win." With her warm and entertaining presentation style, Sister Hoelscher will motivate you to be solid in your resolve to do what's right and to keep your standards high. 

The Writing Accelerator for Youth: Become a Powerful Writer in One Hour

By:  Stephen Palmer

English teachers can teach you spelling, grammar, and punctuation. But can they teach you how to write like a leader? Can they teach you how to woo hearts and persuade minds? Can they teach you how to change the world with words?

Stephen Palmer, a New York Times bestselling author with over eight years of professional writing experience, can. In one hour, you'll learn more about transformational writing than you'll learn in four years of standard English classes, including the following:

  • Why great writing is not about words

  • Why thinking is far more important than facility with language -- and how to become a better thinker

  • How to grab and keep attention

  • How to convey greater meaning with fewer words

Leadership Workshop

By:  Emmet Scott

It is more important now than ever that the youth of today can stand up and be leaders.  Emmet Scott, successful entrepreneur and homeschool Dad, will walk you through basic principles of leadership, responsibility, and team building.  He will show you how  you can maximize opportunities and make attainable goals for your future.  Through this interactive workshop he will encourage innovative thinking, problem solving and application of life skills. 

This will be a high energy workshop you won't want to miss! 

We are so excited to host Williamsburg Academy at our Teen Conference!  Get in the  Zen Zone!  Williamsburg is a groundbreaking school operating on the frontier of project-based online learning.  This fun and exciting, hands-on workshop, will have you thinking outside the box and feeling inspired for the upcoming school year!