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Key Note Address:

“There's No Place Like Home

By:  Merrilee Boyack
“Your Home - Heavenly Haven or Chaotic Craziness?”  The home environment is key to raising children. We’ll discuss how to have a house of learning, feeling loved, having the Spirit, developing unity, and maintaining order.   You can have a haven with peace and fun!


Saturday Morning Key Note:

Training the Heart

By:  Nicholeen Peck

The battle of this life is a battle with ourselves.” Every day we choose happiness or sadness---service or selfishness, —connection or distraction. For years I have taught people around the world the principles of self-government. As people try to change the way they communicate or change their behaviors, they are met with opposition. Why? Why do we struggle so much to teach or change ourselves? And, what can we know to make it easier? – How to train a heart! The key to changing the world. 


Breakout Classes

Raising Youth Instead of Teenagers

By: Nicholeen Peck

Many parents dread the day their child will become a teenager.  Some think the teenager phase is just a normal part of life.  Well, if it is, why didn't they have teenagers before World War II then?  Where did the teenager come from and what can we do to raise our children to be different than today's teens?


Homeschool Dads: Inside Edition

Being the father of a homeschool family is no small task.  Only guys who have been where you are can understand just what it takes.  So, break out the bacon air freshener and loosen your belts for some man-bonding with other homeschool dads.  A panel of SuperDads are assembling to get real about raising happy families and keeping sane wives and you won't want to miss it!


Homeschool Survivors:

Does anyone actually make it through home school? Yes! Enjoy meeting a dynamic panel of homeschool graduates who have not only survived, but flourished- and some are homeschooling their own children! These homeschool grads and second generation homeschoolers have candid answers for your tough questions and perspective from the other side.



Lift Off with Little Learners:

By:  Jana Cherry

Discover the love of learning and take motherhood to greater heights with this class specifically for mothers of young children.  The early years are some of the greatest joys to a homeschool mom.  With that also comes the anxiety of not knowing where to start.  Learn from someone who understands the intense physical and emotional demands you face and the great hopes you have for your child.  You will learn about preparing children to read, where to start with academics, homeschooling while pregnant and teaching with babies and toddlers in tow. 


Correcting Not Criticizing

By:  Melissa Coombs

As homeschooling parents, we have a lot of opportunity (all day long!) to teach and correct our children, but we need to make sure we are not criticizing when doing so. Dr. John Lund said, "Criticism is extremely toxic to the human spirit. It is more likely to kill the desire for change than it is to inspire it.” Whether we are correcting attitudes, behaviors, spelling words or math problems, doing it the "right way" can lift and bless our children, strengthen their self esteem and the relationship we have with them. In this class we will learn proven principles and methods that will teach us how to properly and lovingly correct our children, which begins with disciplining our own emotions and feelings. Criticizing is easy, but correcting with love is a fine art (a Christlike attribute) that must be practiced and learned one step at a time. President Hinckley said, "There is no discipline in all the world like the discipline of love. It has a magic all its own."

How to Become a Great Teacher: 12 Methods for Teaching the Latter-day Saint Child

By:  Diann Jeppson

Education in today's American schools is largely influenced by behaviorists, scientific humanists, and the designers of Common Core - a far cry from the New England Primer and the principles of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. When Karl Maeser started the Brigham Young Academy, President Young admonished him, "Remember that you ought not to teach even the alphabet or the multiplication tables without the Spirit of God."

All teaching methods and curricula that we use should seek to lay Christ and truths of the restored gospel at its foundation. We can strengthen our family's faith by teaching children to look for God's hand in all subjects. Come learn powerful and time-tested educational methods for LDS families. This class will lay a foundation for teaching with correct principles, then explain how to use proven methods to enhance and enliven your homeschool with truth and understanding. We will explore the Christ-like view of children and learn how teach a providential view of history. You will learn the powerful process of "4R-ing" (research, reason, relate, record), how to conduct a word study to engage more reflective thinking, and how to help children set up a useful study notebook.

The Science of Motivation: Creating Lasting Motivation In Your Students

By: Adam Hailstone

Consistent and strong motivation is not always easy to come by. Motivating others, especially youth, can be even harder. Often parents, teachers and employers use methods to motivate others that work in the short term but do not last; or even worse, have long lasting negative effects. In this workshop, Adam Hailstone will share with you the science of motivation and how to nurture deep intrinsic motivation in your children so that they can achieve their greatest potential.

The Power of Calm-  Parenting Strong Willed Children

By:  Nicholeen Peck

It is hard to stay calm when you are under pressure and dealing with the stresses of raising children and living in our fast paced world.  In this class we will talk about how fathers and mothers can tap into the power called "being calm."  Be prepared to apply this timeless principle to all you relationships outside of home too.  


The Newbie's Crash Course to Homeschooling

By:  Melissa Coombs

Are you a newbie who is enthusiastic and anxious about getting all of your questions answered?  Then this is the class for you!  Leave your misconceptions and baggage behind as we lay your homeschool fears to rest.  This course will give you a basic understanding of the why's and how's of homeschooling.  Be prepared for a paradigm shift as we bridge the gap from a public school perspective to understanding the homeschooling mentality.  We will discuss; the importance of respecting all philosophies and methods, finding answers for YOUR family, and how to find the direction and support you need.

*This class will be the first in a series of four sequential beginners classes designed to guide you on a smooth path to homeschooling success!  These classes will address common questions such as; "What curriculum should I use?"  "Am I really qualified to teach my child?" "But How do I teach math?"  "Will my children be socialized?" "How do I explain this to my Mother-in-law?" and many more. 

 Paving Your Way:  Goal Setting and Planning

By:  Dee Bryson

Does your homeschool need some direction?  Come and learn how making landmark goals and listening to the spirit can help you pave your way.  Veteran homeschooler, Dee Bryson, will show you how to set attainable goals without getting overwhelmed.  She will discuss how to tailor a customized plan for your family, how to manage and execute that plan and how to modify and be flexible as you encounter life’s many ups and downs.    


Creating Systems for Home Management

By:  Tami Maloney

Have you ever wondered, “How am I going to do it all?”  Tami Maloney, veteran mother and homeschooler extraordinaire, has a few things figured out about making a homeschool house run smoothly. In this home management course she will teach best practices of family work, mentoring children, teaching return and report, time management, creating systems and more. You will have your homeschool running without a hitch in no time!


The Marriage Between Philosophy and Curriculum

By:  Sandy Raeolina 

“Charlotte, who? TJ what? Just tell me what books to use!” You may not have ever considered your own philosophy on education or why it would matter when choosing a curriculum.  This class will help you to understand the marriage between homeschool philosophy and curriculum.  You will become familiar with common homeschool terminology and learn about the many different types of curriculum choices available.  Having a basic knowledge of these concepts will save you hours of research and wasted time and money.  You will come away with the knowledge and understanding that you need to find the curriculum that is the right fit for your family.  


You CAN Homeschool through High School!

“I can handle the elementary years, but how do I teach my child through high school?” A panel of veteran homeschool mothers will share an array of methods to help you soar through high school with your homeschooler. The sky’s the limit with homeschooling the high school years! Let the combined wisdom of this panel get you going in the right direction.


Navigating the Winds of Change:  Preparing for College

By:  Lauralea Moline

Can homeschool kids get into college? YES! But, navigating the transition from homeschool to college can seem overwhelming.  Lauralea Moline takes the mystery out of transcripts, applications, preparation, dual credit, and more.  She will teach you the college prep ins and outs so your homeschooler can set their sights on the college of their choice. 


 Marriage and Homeschool 

 Any marriage will have its fair share of challenges but homeschooling can take a challenge to the next level.  Learn how to juggle the many hats of being a husband, father, provider, mother, teacher, homemaker, etc. while keeping your marriage strong.  Learn how to nurture and cultivate a thriving marriage relationship within the chaos of a healthy and happy homeschool.  


One Room Schoolhouse

By:  Jane Mack

Having a hard time wrapping your brain around how you are going to teach all of your kids at different grade levels?  Jane Mack will talk about her 25 year experience in homeschooling that brought her and her sister, Nannette Wiggins, to the “one room schoolhouse” approach to education.  Jane will present her journey from working with each of her children one subject at a time throughout the day, to finding sanity by serving several of the subjects to her children “family style.”  Come learn how it is possible to teach multiple ages at the same time and be successful! 

Make Gospel Learning Fun

By:  James Carter

 Is your family burned out on the same old routine?  Supercharge your gospel teaching from tried and tired to fresh and fun! James Carter, homeschool father, convert to the church and seminary teacher for over five years, has dozens of outside of the box Gospel teaching tips that will help your gospel teaching take flight. Your family scripture study will never be the same!  Come, be energized and inspired, and remember why gospel teaching is the most important part of your Homeschool day!  


Discover YOUR True Homeschooling Identity

By:  Audrey Gross

Finding your unique identity is essential for settling into a comfortable homeschool journey. Learn how to recognize your God-given gifts and abilities and stop criticizing, competing and comparing. What makes you different makes you perfect for your children. Come learn to embrace your gifts and confidently spread your wings! 


Avoiding Crash and Burn

By:  Melissa Coombs

You are homeschooling your children. So, you don’t have time to do anything else right?  Wrong!  There is a delicate balance between dedicating your life to your children and ending up in a mental institution.  Melissa Coombs, entrepreneur and seasoned homeschool mother of five will get real about finding balance.  She will emphasize the importance of making time for what you love, learning how to say NO, and filling your cup so that you can give your best to your family.  



You CAN do it!  Overcoming your Fears and Insecurities

By:  Dee Bryson

Am I doing enough?  Conquering your fears and insecurities is half the battle of homeschooling. Learn how you can feel qualified to be the best teacher for your child and have no regrets. It is frightening stepping into the ring, especially with your children’s education at stake.  As their parent, you will fight harder for your children than anyone else will.  This class will help you to gain confidence in your role as mentor, teacher, and facilitator.   Learn how to forget “ruining your children” and begin celebrating the small victories found in every day.