What people like-

  • It’s absolutely FREE!
  • Learn Danish, Dutch, French, German, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish
  • Focuses on reading, speaking, writing and listening skills.
  • Breaks down the learning into short mini lessons.
  • The game aspect appeals to most kids.
  • It’s easy for kids to access and use on their own.
  • Access it on the web or get the app for your iPhone or Android.


What people don’t like-

  • Some of the sentences are impractical.
  • It’s not interactive.
  • It's addicting ;)


User tips-

Use it to supplement what you’re already using or to introduce your child to a new language.


Try instead-

For access to even more languages, try Mango languages, which is free if it’s available through your local library. http://trymango.com/  http://www.mangolanguages.com/homeschool/

Rosetta Stone, expensive but proven results

Little Pim, online videos, free with AmazonPrime teach little ones foreign language




Summary from company-

“Learning with Duolingo is fun and addictive. Earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up. Our bite-sized lessons are effective, and we have a study to prove it.”

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What Friends are Saying About Duolingo...

 Once you master them and get them right it moves on, at least that is how it worked for me. if I missed them they would continue to loop until I mastered them. -Kristen

We use (duolingo) and I love it!!! It builds vocabulary little by little in each level. Like Kirsten said it moves on when you show mastery. I started writing words down because I am a visual learner and wanted to be able to practice the vocabulary on my own. I used my notes while doing the lessons, however, while I got perfect scores, I was actually remembering less on my own. I did better allowing myself to make mistakes and learn from them. I have used others and I believe this one by far is the best if the child is already reading and writing. It gets you spelling and using correct verbs right away. I wish I could have had this when I went on my mission years ago!! -Debie

We use and like it, but I wish they would consider making more kid friendly and leaving out the words for beer, wine, alcohol, etc.-Dannika

my kids use it. they like it on the computer better. phone ap just pretty much is practice but doesn't teach. -Venita

My 5 year old loves Duolingo and it's free! -Heather

"Duolingo" app for cell phones my daughter uses it to improve her Spanish and my husband is learning English...they both like it a lot...it will even text you if you "get lazy" don't use it for awhile...oh and it's free...well, as long as you have wifi so the data isn't used. -Michelle

Duolingo is a lot like Rosetta Stone...and it's free. -Kimberly