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“Your Home - Heavenly Haven or Chaotic Craziness?”

By:  Merrilee Boyack
     The home environment is key to raising children. We’ll discuss how to have a house of learning, feeling loved, having the Spirit, developing unity, and maintaining order.   You can have a haven with peace and fun!

Training The Heart

By:  Nicholeen Peck
The battle of this life is a battle with ourselves.” Every day we choose happiness or sadness---service or selfishness, —connection or distraction. For years I have taught people around the world the principles of self-government. As people try to change the way they communicate or change their behaviors, they are met with opposition. Why? Why do we struggle so much to teach or change ourselves? And, what can we know to make it easier? – How to train a heart! The key to changing the world.


Break Out Classes

How to Lead a Dynamic Book Discussion 

By:  Audrey Rindlisbacher  

     As homeschoolers we are reading and discussing ideas all the time! Whether it’s reading aloud to our children, running boys or girls book clubs, teaching a class in a co-op, studying religious texts or simply helping our children explore their learning more deeply, good discussion skills are KEY!
Yet, having grown up in an educational system that doesn’t teach these tools, we can struggle to know which questions to ask, how to ask them, and how to solicit more thoughts and ideas from others. Join us for a fun, interactive workshop where you will learn the simple 4-step process for turning average discussions into life-changing experiences!

Why YOU Can Homeschool and How to Get Started

By:  Audrey Rindlisbacher

     Do you ever doubt your ability to be an effective homeschool parent? Are you so concerned or overwhelmed that you’re not even sure you want to try it? Have you started homeschooling your children but you’re still wondering if you're doing too much . . . or too little?!?
Don’t worry anymore! True principles are the answer to success in any endeavor, and homeschooling is no different. Once you understand the foundational principles and learn the tools for getting your homeschool off to a great start, there’s no way you can fail!!

Q&A’s for Homeschooling Parents

By:  Ginger Beckstead and Tatiana Richardson (Mother and Daughter)
What roadblocks are getting in the way of your homeschooling success? We will share practical tried and true practices that have worked for generations. Ginger will share what she has learned in over thirty years of homeschooling and mentoring others.  Tatiana will share the perspective of being homeschooled and now of homeschooling her own.
In this session, we will address each of these areas of concern:
·    What can I do when I feel overwhelmed?
·    How do I make reasonable homeschooling goals?
·    What can I do to help a struggling or reluctant learner?
·    What are some ideas for teaching with a variety of grade levels?
·    How can I maintain a clean and orderly home while homeschooling?
·    How do I create an effective homeschool schedule?
·    How can I care for a baby or toddler while homeschooling?
·    How can I limit screen time, and then make screen time more meaningful?

Teaching Our Children to Live by the Spirit  

By:  Merrilee Boyack

   As parents, we are to teach our children to follow Christ - but how?  How can we teach THEM to live by the Spirit and have it guide their lives so this lasts when they’ve grown up?  We’ll learn many important principles, illustrate with some great stories, to help you learn how to lead our kids to living a life committed to and guided by the Savior.  Practical tips as well as some deep understanding will be shared.

The Science of Will Power

By: Adam Hailstone

     The famous Stanford University Marshmallow Test proved that will power is a greater factor for future success than the IQ test. Will power is the grit to get things done and push through difficulties, which is vital for accomplishing anything important. Come learn from Adam Hailstone about the science of will power and the simple proven process for increasing your own and that of your family’s.

Helping Your Students Own Their Education

By:  Adam Hailstone

     Have you ever been accused or accused someone of nagging? Do you or your students ever struggle with motivation to get it all done? Do you or your students need more initiative?

In this presentation, Adam Hailstone will explore the sub-conscious drives (or desires) that get us to nag, decrease our motivation and stifle our initiative. We humans have a tendency to project our drives on to others and then blame them for our shortcomings. He will train you on a simple process of taking ownership of your drives and how to help your students do the same. The result: while also learning to help yourself, you will learn to help your students own their education and live their lives on purpose.

Training Your Children to Be Independent 

By:  Merrilee Boyack
    Eek!  Our kids have to be PREPARED by the time they turn 18!  We’ll discuss how to have a plan for training our children to be independent.This will focus on life skills and we’ll discuss ways to get our children to work (beyond chore charts) and how to modify these as the kids get older.  Your kids will be ready to hit the ground running when it’s time to be an adult and serve!

"We're not in Kansas Anymore!"

By: Michelle Bowen

Going from public school to home education can be an unexpected tornado of life adjustments; everything from double the dirty dishes to double duty on discipline.  This class will take you from the "Kansas" of your schooling past and put you on the yellow brick road toward the emerald city of homeschooling success!

Expectation Trap VS The Success Cycle 

By:  Nicholeen Peck

When does frustration hit you?  Why does it come?  Do you ever get angry and regret it later?  Why do people get angry when they really don't want to turn into the Wicked Witch of the West?  It's because of the expectation trap.  Most people fall into the expectation trap on a regular basis.  There is a way out, and expectations aren't bad.  Find out how to turn expectations into success instead of emotional traps.  This is the secret to you loving your homeschool experience and accomplishing more each day.

Being a "Child Whisperer"

By: Lori Squires

Do you ever wonder why children are so different?  Why teaching and discipline techniques work for some and not for others?  Why children's thought processes and behavioral responses are so varied (and sometimes frustrating!)?

Each of us has a unique energy that influences the way we think, interact, and even move!  In her bestselling book, The Child Whisperer, Carol Tuttle applies her Energy Profiling system to parenting.  Identifying a child's Energy Profile provides parents with valuable information and insight about the most effective ways to teach, motivate, and inspire in ways that honor each child's energy and gifts.  In this class, you'll learn about the four Energy Types and how to identify them in your children.  With a greater understanding of who they really are and why they do what they do, you'll be better prepared to match your parenting and teaching efforts to each child's unique style and needs.  

Math (2).png

Math FUNdamentals for Young Learners

By: Lori Squires

Important and foundational math concepts are learned during the K-2 years.  What are those core concepts? How can you help your children learn them with meaning and understanding?  How can you help them develop a love for math?
This class includes a brief overview of beginning number concepts that may help you see their importance in new ways.  You'll also learn simple, engaging, hands-on activities to supplement whatever math program you currently use.


Healthy Worries: The Truth About Learning (and other) Disabilities

By:  Miranda Marrott

You’ve probably heard the following: “Boys develop more slowly than girls.” “All kids develop at their own pace.” “Jane just doesn’t fit into the public school box.” And perhaps my least favorite, “boys will be boys.” If you're child struggles, you've probably heard a variety of similar sentiments. But when it comes to your child’s education, when do developmental differences translate into real concerns? When do Jane’s oddities become something more than just hyper-individualism? When do Bobby’s reading struggles bypass typical development expectations? When and where do the real worries begin and what steps come next in really understanding your child's needs? In this class we’ll be discussing those questions and more as we take a look at learning (and other) disabilities, their early signs and symptoms, and how to be the advocate your child needs.

The Scarecrow Dilemma: Solutions For Learning Disabilities

By:  Miranda Marrott
The Scarecrow’s problem wasn’t that he didn’t have a brain. His dilemma was, in actuality, that he didn’t see himself as smart or capable, which is a common occurrence for children with learning and developmental differences. In this class, we will be discussing how to boost your child’s self-perception by offering them the experiences they need to be successful. When we teach to our children’s strengths and they are afforded opportunities for success, confidence soars and motivation and eagerness to learn increase. Come and learn about solutions, methods, and tools for teaching children with disabilities.


Teaching Science to Young Children 

By:  Carla Jansen

Join us for a hands-on workshop designed to make it easier for you to teach science!  We'll discuss skills and attitudes for young children (up to 3rd grade), how to use a delight-led approach to create a low-stress science curriculum, and you'll go home with loads of resources and ideas!

Love of Learning

By: Lisa Mann

  In this class we will discuss how to juggle the ups and down of homeschooling while raising young children.  Learn how to foster a love of learning in your children without letting frustration overshadow priceless years of development.  Learn how to take motherhood to greater heights as you work alongside your children to discover, explore, and create. This class will help you get a jump start as you teach your little ones and show you how learning can be interactive, engaging, and most of all fun. Foster your children's creativity and desire to learn in these early years so that as they continue to grow, their love for learning will too.

You CAN Homeschool through High School!

“Literature and triganometry and biology . . . Oh my!" If you are intimidated to homeschool through high school you are not alone.   We have combined a panel of veteran homeschool mothers will share an array of methods to help you confidently soar through high school with your homeschooler. Let the combined wisdom of this panel get you going in the right direction.

co ops.png

Homeschool Co-ops

By: Lolly Lyman

Do you worry that your children need more interaction with others? Do you feel alone? Would you like to have more adult homeschool friends yourself? Have you ever thought it would be fun to homeschool with other like-minded families? Are you passionate about teaching some subjects--but less enthused with others? Are you afraid to homeschool? Are you feeling overwhelmed or burned out with homeschooling? Do you teach multiple children on different educational levels? If you answered YES to any of these questions then this workshop is for YOU! Come learn about different types and styles of Co-ops. Discover how your family can benefit from this method of homeschooling. You will learn how YOU can form an Educational Co-op that will bless not only the children but also the participating parents!


Discovering Charlotte Mason

By:  Amber Stecher

“Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.” Charlotte Mason
Breathe life into your household by getting to know the living principles of Charlotte Mason and how you can integrate them into your Homeschool.
Charlotte Mason was a revolutionary educational philosopher and leader at the turn of the 20th century.  She believed that a child is a person with infinite potential not to be filled with knowledged but to be inspired with ideas; not to be left alone without guidance but to be given the tools he needs to develop his own intelligence.  Integrating this into your Homeschool is easier and more intuitive than you might think, come find out how!

Rising Entrepreneurs

By:  Emmet Scott

Why entrepreneurship should be an essential part of your child's curriculum and the principles you can start teaching immediately to inspire  ambition, mission, and vision in your home.


Homeschooling through Depression and Anxiety

By:  Christy Edgel 

To varying degrees, we've all been there. Our children, our spouses, or we ourselves have struggled with depression, or anxiety as we have been caught up in our own emotional tornados.  As homeschoolers, how do we get through it? How do we find peace in the storm?  How do we keep a perspective and continue on? What helps are available to us? Whether it's extenuating circumstances or just plain life that is getting in your way, this class is designed to give you a boost and some tools to strengthen your approach.