Quiz:  Discover Your Homeschool Philosophy


Click "Submit" for the group of statements with which you most identify or agree.  

Group A

  • I want my children to learn age appropriate information in increments each year.  
  • There is a standard basis for educational milestones at every age.  
  • I rely on having a schedule that is predictable and well laid out. 
  • I would like to have a standardized scope and sequence.
  • I am the kind of person that will follow through with lesson plans at a set pace.   
  • I would like to incorporate testing and grading.   
  • My child performed well/would perform well in school. 
  • My child can stay focused and on task and thrives on having defined instructions and goals.  
  • Academic achievement is a high priority. 

Group B: 

  • I want my children to familiarize themselves with the great minds that have influenced history.  This will inspire them to become great thinkers, leaders, and problem solvers.  
  • Children need to learn how to think on their own and have original ideas.
  • I would like my child to be inspired by the classics in art, literature, and science.  
  • I think it's important that I learn alongside my children and that we discover and grow together.
  • I like to study and discuss ideas that have influenced civilization. 
  • I believe that children should be taught according to developmental stages rather than years in school.
  • I want my child to be a self motivated learner.  
  • An education is a life long pursuit.  

Group C: 

  • I want my children to gain knowledge and skills that will be of practical use to them in the real world.
  • Reading is the gateway to knowledge.
  • I am comfortable with a more free form of learning.
  • I want my children to learn through experiences. 
  • I plan to expose my children to knowledge and learning through exploring nature, visiting museums and historical sites.  
  • I want to encourage curiosity and creative thinking by providing hands on exposure to materials.
  • I don't believe in "busy work." 
  • Teaching my child to have good moral character is important. 

Group D: 

  • I want my child to learn by studying topics and themes that are of interest to him.
  • All would like to teach children of all ages together.
  • I believe that I can incorporate elements of math, reading, grammar, spelling, science, history, and art, as we study about a specific topic such as "dinosaurs" or "insects" or "Ecosystems."   
  • I like the idea of fully delving into a topic of study before moving on to the next. 

Group F: 

  • I believe play is the real work of a child.
  • Children are forced to learn things at an early age. They need more freedom. 
  • Children need time and space to think and discover things on their own. 
  • I want to give my child the freedom to pursue his own interests.
  • I believe that a child will learn naturally as she inquires about the world around her.
  • It is important to foster natural curiosity and love of learning.  
  • I am not concerned about educational milestones.  I want my child to develop at his own pace.  

Group G:

  • I do not fit into one group.  I agree/disagree with many of the statements from each group.