Dr. Seuss Party!


Writing is a Blast

We celebrate  reading in March to commemorate Dr. Seuss's birthday. Every year we throw a  party with our home school friends and others... this year you are invited to  throw a party of your own! Here is how we do it:

Pick the date.

Dr. Seuss  was born on March 2nd and was a great contributor to young children's success  in reading.  The books are fun and the  illustrations are fabulous! Our party is not always on the 2nd, but is in the  month of March.

The Cat in the HatInvite people EARLY. Send out a  red and white striped invitation and ask people to do and bring a couple of  things:

2. Each child is required to share with the group.1. It's a potluck, so bring a Dr. Seuss inspired food (green  eggs and ham always show up) or a food based on your favorite book (biscuits  from Little House on the Prairie, bananas from Curious George, etc.)

  • Elementary  aged children tell about their favorite book.
  • Middle  and High School students write and tell about their favorite author.

3. Each child needs to bring "A Shelf for Myself". 4. Please bring gently used books for the Book Swap.

Before the Party Ask parents  to go through their bookshelves and donate books they no longer want. We ask  around the neighborhood to gather books, too. Set up a  long table for the kids to place their "A Shelf for Myself" boxes. Set up the  dining area for the pot luck snacks. The GrintchSet up the room where all will share their favorite books. Hide a Dr.  Seuss's Grinch (or other character)  in your house in plain sight... give a prize for anyone who finds it. At the Party Welcome  everyone at the door in costume. You can have book covers hanging on the wall, a  "Cat in the Hat" hat making station, name tags,  "name that famous Dr. Seuss character"  game, or there are tons of fun ideas to do online. Party  Itinerary

  • guests  arrive.
  • have  them put food, and "A Shelf for Myself" in the appropriate place.  Invite one or 2 parents to set up the Book Swap.
  • "Guess  the Dr. Seuss Character" game.
  • Tell  them the Grinch is hiding around the house, to find him--but don't tell the  others.
  • Right  before the presentations, hand out paper and pencils so kids can write down  book titles they would like to read from the presentations and from the book  shelves.
  • Book  Presentations.
  • Invite  all to have snacks and browse through the "A Shelf for Myself" area.
  • Book  Swap. (We have the kids line up youngest to oldest and they each get to pick 1  book the first time through. Depending on how many books you have we just have  them keep going through until the books are gone. One year a friend was moving  and donated seven boxes of books! Everyone went home with an armload and a BIG  smile!).


A bookshelf for myselfThis is a  fun way to continue encouraging reading and we always love to throw a party!  The kids can have some fun dressing up and sharing. Our kids always come home  with a list of new books to read! Success!

"A Shelf For  Myself" Kids love to  have their "own" books. Each of the kids have their own bookshelf in  their room where special books are kept. We have a family library in the school  room and hallway, but the bookshelf in their room is just for them. When we have  our Dr. Seuss party in March, we invite all the young kids to bring "A  Shelf for Myself" made from a paper box. Simply take a box and cut off all  but one flap. Tip it over and you have a shelf! (The extra flap is a cover for  the box when it is time to transport.) We encourage all the kids to decorate  their shelf with paper then choose some of their favorite books to put on their  shelf. It is fun to see which titles they choose--which books have made a  difference to them!