The Christmas Countdown Paper Chain... ... a Favorite Writing Activity for the Holidays.

Make a paper chain with Christmas activities. Print one page on green paper and one on red!

Write down the names of Santa's reindeer.
Draw some Christmas ornaments, decorate them and hang them up.
Write a letter to Grandma and Grandpa.
Write down every Christmas thing in the living room that is the color red.
Make a Christmas card and send it.
Draw a picture of a favorite Christmas memory and then write about it.
Write down 4 of your favorite Christmas books then read one!
Write down a favorite Christmas tradition.
Create coupons to give away as a gift. Decorate them and put them in an envelope.

If you could travel anywhere for Christmas where would you go and who would you take?

Write down Merry Christmas in another language.

Make a list of your favorite Christmas decorations.

List seven Christmas movies.

Draw a gingerbread house with lots of candy...or make one out of paper. 
Ask your family to list their favorite Christmas smells. 

Design an advent calendar with the remaining days ‘til Christmas.  Take 2 pieces of paper... draw a picture and cut out doors on the first paper, then glue the 2nd sheet of paper on the back. Draw pictures behind the doors and add numbers.

Does your family sings songs at Christmas? Write down 5 Christmas carols.

Design a pair of holiday socks.  Write down where you would wear them.

Draw a picture of a big big box, and a little tiny box. Write about what present you would like to get that goes in each one.

Write down as many words from the letters in: Merry Christmas

If you worked in the zoo, how would you decorate the animal's cages for Christmas? Draw a picture.

If you could make a snow globe, what would you put inside?  Draw it!

What was the best present you ever received?  Tell the details.

Do you like to sit by the tree and look at the presents?  Where do you like to sit?

Do you count presents or arrange them in a certain way?

Write a list of Christmas and holiday people and items.  Write each down on a piece of paper.  Play charades or Pictionary Christmas with the characters.

Make a wreath using handprints in different colors.  Use different size hands!

Create a holiday scavenger hunt hiding clues in Christmas decorations.

Write down every Christmas thing in the living room that is the color green.


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- Kari