What a Character!

Summer will soon be upon us! Let the book reading begin.

Each summer we have a family summer reading challenge, as well as participating in our local library's summer reading program. This year it's all about characters.

Have you ever read a book where you connected with one of the characters? I have found people that inspire me, teach me, or simply make me laugh--that just happen to live within the covers of a book. These characters are like good friends to me.

As a family collect your top 100 characters. Create a poster of characters from books that your family really connects with! When you complete your Top 100 list throw a party and invite friends to come dressed as their favorite character!

How To:

-print out the theme and glue onto a poster board
-brainstorm as a family some of your favorite characters
-print out the game and see how many characters you can identify
-hang up the poster in a highly visible place
-you can divide characters into different categories if you want (science fiction, children's books, girls, boys, animals, etc,)
-write your favorite characters on the list
-find pictures online to add to your poster


You can leave your thoughts, comments or suggestions here on my feedback page. Thanks!

- Kari