What Does Easter Mean To You?

Easter time gives me a feeling of renewed hope and a calming sense of peace as we watch nature unfold her awesome mysteries before us.  The earth is coming to life everywhere you look. There are miracles that happen right before our eyes every year – green life pushing up through the earth, birds singing to welcome in spring, life beginning to bud on the trees, and precious baby animals. All these are wonderful reminders that yes, there is a God and He does love us.

I have asked myself several times this month, as well as some of my friends and grown children, what comes to their minds as they remember Easters past?  This is what they came up with:

  • Baby chicks
  • Family gatherings at special dinners
  • Decorating eggs
  • Easter egg hunts
  • Going to Church
  • Remembering the Savior throughout the week
  • New articles of clothing
  • The special way mom always set the table at Easter
  • The Easter egg version of the Easter Story

I was fascinated in the variety of the memories.  It wasn't about those expensive Easter baskets that line the store shelves at this time of year or about all the candy and toys. It was the simple memories that involved others that stuck.

On the Monday prior to Easter we always have a special Family Home Evening on the life of the Savior and Resurrection.  We choose to add during the week special DVD's or videos further highlighting these subjects and keeping our thoughts focused on the Savior.

Decorating the eggs was always a highlight with everyone I spoke with along with the icing on the cake- the Easter egg hunt!  One child said it was just like waking up on Christmas morning!

I have never been a mom that went in for the big basket kind of gifts at Easter.  My focus was on the kitchen table that would greet my children on Easter morning.  It was always set with our best tableware and then I added pretty white candles and pictures and/or the statue we have of Christ.  He always joined us for our Easter meals. 

At their place setting there would be a little bag or small pail of a few goodies or a church-related bookmark/picture and maybe a music CD.  Or they might get bubbles, sidewalk chalk, or small shovels and pails when they were little or kites when they were older.  Whatever it was we kept it simple.

It always is exciting to dress up in that new dress or fresh crisp new white shirt and go to church and see how fresh and clean everybody else looks and feels.  I think it is an experience that goes beyond just looking fresh and clean – I think the children, and even the adults, actually feel it.  We couldn't always afford a new outfit, many times it was just a little necklace for the girls or a new tie for the boys but the clothes were always especially tidy and the hair combed just right.  There is just something special about Easter Sunday.  Look for it – Feel it - this year.


How do you welcome in Easter?

Here are a couple of activities you can do on Easter Sunday or for a family home evening around Easter: