Set Up Your Writing Area

Kari has written a wonderful book on teaching writing... It is ten chapters long and this is installment eight. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!


There is nothing worse than having a great idea and not being able to find a pencil or paper to write it down.  Every home or classroom should have a well-stocked writing area that makes it easy for a writer to jump in when the inspiration hits that have everything a writer needs all in one place!  This includes:

  • A copy of the “Writing Traffic Light”
  • Lots of paper of different colors and sizes, with some lined and some blank
  • Envelopes for writing letters
  • Pencils, colored pencils, pens, markers, and crayons of all different types and neatly organized
  • Construction paper of different colors and organized in a drawer or other holder
  • Scissors, glue, etc. for all those crafts that turn into writing projects
  • A writing table with room to organize ideas and papers
  • Writing Folder for each student or child  (This is where they keep their writing projects or transplanted ideas)
  • Portfolio for each child (a 3-ring binder) with plastic sheet protectors for keeping all your finished writing in
  • Writing journal for each child and YOU


Next week: "Where Do I Start?"

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- Kari