Why I will be investing in myself this summer . . .


Before I began my research I knew only two things about homeschooling.

1) Homeschooled kids are weird.

2) For some reason, God was telling me to homeschool. I was baffled. Why would God want me to have weird kids?!

     I grew up in the public schools and couldn’t begin to imagine how I would add “school” to my already overflowing plate of young motherhood. I read every book I could find on the subject and Googled until my eyes were sore, leaving me even more overwhelmed. If God hadn’t had mercy on me and led me to a homeschooling mentor I would probably still be rocking in the closet.

     Hours of study and research couldn’t teach me what one hour with a good homeschool mom taught me. I learned: homeschool was doable, that homeschool moms and kids aren’t perfect, normal people can homeschool, where to go for curriculum, the laws in my state, that my socialization fears were unfounded, that I was good enough, that I had friends to help and that I could DO this! All in one hour!

     Since that time I have tried to never pass up the opportunity to learn from a good mentor. Doing so has transformed my homeschool experience from doable to wonderful.  I just rearranged my family travel plans so I could attend the ULTIMATE mentoring opportunity happening in Houston, Texas on August 1st and 2nd.  The line-up for the LDS-NHA “UP and AWAY” Homeschool Conference represents the best of the best in LDS speaking and homeschooling and I am not going to miss it!

     If you have never attended a conference before you can expect to listen to motivating talks from key note speakers, to take mini classes specific to your needs, mingle with the industry’s best in curriculum and instruction, and ask questions of fellow moms and homeschooling experts. There will also be booths with curriculum and other LDS friendly goods to peruse and purchase- many offering conference discount prices and specials. There will be snacks available and lunch for purchase. It will be held in a hotel conference hall. Rooms at discount rates are available for those who want to stay on location, but this is not required or included in conference ticket. “UP and AWAY” is a parent focused event and there will not be activities for little kids. (Make it a date or girl’s weekend!) The Teen conference will be going on simultaneously on location, and homeschooled or not, this is an event not to be missed.

     There is great strength in numbers, friends. Being surrounded by parents with similar challenges and resolve will boost your confidence for the next school year like nothing else can. The expert advice you receive will save your sanity, your money on failed programs, and years of learning things the hard way. This alone, is worth the price of admission!

      Here is a little inside scoop into some of the classes and speakers presenting at “UP and AWAY”. Key-note speakers who will address the conference are beloved LDS motivational speaker, Kris Belcher, and New York Times Best Selling Author, Stephen Palmer. I was already sold when I heard the keynotes, but also attending the conference and teaching mini-classes will be homeschooling guru and owner of FamilyEducationCoach.com, Diann Jeppson,  and Jane Mack, veteran homeschooler and writer of “The Family School” Curriculum. I have been following these ladies on YouTube and can’t wait to meet them in person! Mentor of mentors and homeschooling authority, Nicholeen Peck, will be teaching several mini-classes. And if that’s not enough awesomeness… local Texan homeschoolers will be sharing some of what they do best. Judging from the caliber of the local names I have met, this conference is going to be all-around amazing!

     There will be a little something for every homeschooler at this conference. Check out some of the course topics you will be able to choose from: Conquering your Fears and insecurities, You Can Homeschool Through High School , Making Gospel Learning FUN, Class for Dads, One Room Schoolhouse, Correcting not Criticizing, The Power of Calm, Home Management, Helping your Marriage Soar, Finding Your Homeschool Identity, Philosophy and Curriculum, All About College, a Homeschool Graduate Panel and an entire course block for Beginning Homeschoolers.  

     In all your careful curriculum purchases this summer, invest a little in yourself. The training you receive at “UP and AWAY” will yield priceless rewards. You do not want to miss this!


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