Me, Myself and I

Originally posted to Latter Day Homeschooling

When I was contemplating homeschooling I worried that my children would miss out on the benefits of having a variety of teachers. In my public school education I encountered the wide spectrum of educators, learning important lessons from each: tough ones who taught me hard work, sweet teachers who helped me believe, new teachers that taught me patience, mean teachers, old teachers, male teachers, silly teachers, etc. 

I wondered, "With only little ol' me as home room teacher year after year, how will my kids learn those varied and valuable lessons?"

Well, now that I have been homeschooling a while I no longer worry about my kids getting too used to the same teacher day after day. Surprisingly, my children are experiencing a rich variety of teaching personalities right here at home. 

Let me introduce this week’s homeschool staff: 

Mrs. Monday wakes up before the sun to ready herself- body and spirit. She greets the day with a song, sings to the birds, and hugs her children happily. She includes learning opportunities in everything they do and has a platter of themed treats to match. She is the happy hybrid of June Cleaver and Mrs. Frizzle. The children are learning so much!

Mrs. Tuesday is all business. She is overworked and underpaid, but she believes in what she does. Even if she is a bit tired from staying up late washing dishes from Mrs. Monday’s themed treats she will be on time and on task. She wants to have fun, but Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic must come first. The children are learning discipline. 

Mrs. Wednesday is a tenured teacher who would rather be [insert any hobby here]. If there was a paycheck, that’s all she would be interested in. She believes in ‘educational programming’ and uses it aplenty. She usually asks, “Are we done yet?” before the kids do. The children are learning independence. 

Mrs. Thursday is a frustrated genius. She was meant for more than this hum-drum, but how can anyone aspire higher surrounded by small crazy people? She has a short temper and a four letter word on the tip of her tongue. Mrs. Thursday throws a better tantrum than the toddlers. The children are learning dramatic arts and public school playground language. 

Mrs. Friday gets credit for showing up. Luckily, she is just the substitute filling in until Mrs. Monday can return. (Pleeease come back soon?!) She sits with her eyes glazed and mouth ajar while paper airplanes and spit wads bounce off her forehead. The children are learning sympathy and good aim. 

Aren't my kids so lucky? I didn't even mention Mrs. Viola Swamp's regular monthly appearances and the occasional cameos we get from dear old dad. V-A-R-I-E-T-Y! Staff meetings can get a little crazy, but since there are so many of us I'm thinking we could unionize and strike for better pay. ;)

Who is on your homeschool staff?

 ------------------- Jana is a mother of five who wants to give a shout out to all the full time Mrs. Monday's out there. "Gold Stars" for all of you. --------------------