Make Spelling Fun!

     I go a bit overboard with spelling because I am such a bad speller myself. I thought spell check would always be there for me but it isn't. Not learning how to spell correctly has been one of my biggest regrets year to date. It has been the source of embarrassment to me countless times. Take it from me: Learn to spell!  

     So, I have learned this crazy thing since becoming my children's teacher: They are a lot like me! Imagine that! They cherish change and are color enthusiast who thrive on variety. They also Never. Stop. Moving. But hey, I function somewhat normally in society despite all of this chaos I seem to crave. I'm also one of the most organized people most have ever met. So how about that? The Lord even called me to be primary president. So you see, there is still hope for my kids ;-). 

     With all that energy in mind I buy everything colorful to help my kids focus: colorful dry erase markers, paper clips, magnets, tape.... the list goes on and on. That trick has really been helpful for me and mine. Even so, I have found that I need to change my program every semester or J. gets a little board with it. Below are pictures of our last week of spelling.

Day 1:  Mystery Spelling

We start out doing Mystery Spelling. I made the page myself but got the idea from HERE.

Instructions:  In Microsoft word, pull up a document and make two columns. Then search their clip art for frames. We do eight spelling words per week so I added four frames on each side. Using a white crayon write the spelling word in each frame. Have the student color in the frame with a marker. Make your frames colorful if you think it will help!

Note: Write the spelling list number on the paper so you don't forget! It can be tricky to see white crayon on white paper.

  *Side note: J. is at that stage where her two front teeth are growing in. If you, too, have a cutie pie going through this change in smile stage, may I recommend  THIS  awesome educational book.

*Side note: J. is at that stage where her two front teeth are growing in. If you, too, have a cutie pie going through this change in smile stage, may I recommend THIS awesome educational book.


Next up on Day 1 I have J. write her words on our home made chalk board. I always give her lots of colorful chalk. You could even use colorful chalk board paint.


spelling 3.JPG

Day 2:  Stamp Spelling

Recipe for Chalk Board Paint:

1 cup paint,

2 T unsalted tile grout.

*You can also buy it at Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Walmart ect. for about $5 for the little half pint size. I've seen the paint in pink, blue, green, lavender and black but I'm sure there are endless possibilities. I used non-washable Tempera paint when I made mine because it is less expensice than house paint.

I purchased these colorful stamps through oriental trading company. They are very inexpensive but some letters are drying out quicker than others. Also notice the colored index cards. I will hence fourth stop pointing out the use of color in our homeschool class. ;)


Following the stamps, J would use clothes pins (purchased at Dollar Tree) with letters to spell her words by attaching them to the previously made index cards. Another great way to store your clothes pens is by attaching them to a hanger. They fit nicely all along the bottom. 

spelling 5.JPG

Day 3:  Swat Spellng and Spelling Scribble

It's simple, I call out the name of a spelling word and she has to find it and swat it. Sometimes she calls out the word, swats it, then spells it. Mix it up however you like, the more variety the better. Another version of the swat spelling game using a ball can be found HERE.  Boys may like this ball version better if mom is willing to take the risk of having a ball tossed in her home. 


Spelling Scribble:

     I ran out of my homemade copies of the Spelling Scribble page but it's easy enough to make your own. HERE is the link and the idea. 

 *Make enough blanks for the number of spelling words you have on your list. I'll be honest. It did take me a few times to get it right. Good luck to you. If you have older kids get them to do it. 


Day 4:  Review Games

I've been sticking to the following three but there will be some exciting changes in a future spelling post.


The above game I only do every few weeks using the harder words as a review. HERE is the link with the original idea.  *I bought this huge block two for a dollar at Dollar Tree and use small sized post it notes to write the words on. 


This game isn't really related to spelling words. It's about blend sounds. Still useful in spelling, though. And, yes, that's a random piece of thread and rock hard dried play dough ball I found on my floor before playing. We needed something to mark our places, didn't we? 

J's favorite is the princess one but HERE is the link for all these FREE games: 



Last but not least, spelling word twister.

The rules are simple: Place spelling word index cards on random dots. When you call out a color, the child can only choose a dot with a word on it. They need to read the word and spell it before they can land on it. Have them move the words around for each new round. I put a L for left and R for right on J.'s hands and feet to reenforce her memory of left and rights. I got this game for $5 at a yard sale. The end of the school year is the best time to go to yard sales. Teachers that are retiring all ways have great tools that you can use in your own class room.


Day 5:  Test Day

Now the only thing left to do is take the test. 


Hope you learned some useful spelling tools to incorporate in your own homeschool classrooms. Thanks for reading!