What I wish I'd known when I started homeschooling.....

     Before I started homeschooling our days were filled with playing everywhere I could possibly think of. We once had a Relief Society night where we put together 'Welcome to the Ward' packets and under the section marked "Things to do," people actually wrote: see Bethany. I was the go to girl for all the ins and outs of fun things to do in my general area of the Houston Suburbs. Let it be known that while I am originally a country girl and driving in traffic is sometimes terrifying, It can be the best thing ever to live near a big city such as Houston. There are always things to do and places to visit. 

We were loving life! We visited zoo, The Children's museum, The Downtown Aquarium, Arctics of Air, The Renaissance Festival, splash pads galore, (why is it so hot in Texas?!) and more!


When I started home schooling I had a really REALLY hard time with letting go of all that fun. I didn't want to move on from that part of our lives. So, I started out trying to straddle both worlds. We would play all morning and I would work school in somewhere in the afternoon. 

I started out with a home school closet. I remember actually going to the closet, opening the door and just staring. With no real plan in mind I'd say, "Yeah, let's do this and this, maybe some of this." You may be thinking to yourself (sarcastically), "Yeah, her children are going to get a great education." I don't blame you. You may have even been right but also consider this: I didn't have a clue how to do what I was doing. 


So what changed for me? How did I figure out how to do what I was doing and in a short time, mind you?  I joined a home school group. Yep, that simple. I needed the help. These wonderful super hero women gave it to me. More importantly they gave it to me in a loving, non judgmental way. Somehow not being alone anymore gave me the confidence I needed to get over my fears and figure out how to do this homeschool gig. If I needed help, I could ask. 

Now our school room (you read that last word correctly- I now have a whole room!) looks like this: 


So, within a year my home schooling went from closet to room and my adventures went from playing to field trips, co ops and clubs.


**Moody Gardens Field Trip: the first one I hosted where about 80 homeschoolers from my group attended. Back to school book exchange with nearly 200 people there including a bonus magic show put on by a home school dad.  Princess Club with roughly a dozen girls ages 5-7 meet once a month to make fairy houses, go ice skating or bake together.** 

So, what I wish I would have known before I started home schooling is this:  I wasn't alone and that our adventures are far, far from over. 


*Editors Note:  If you are looking for a support group check out our support group map.  If you do not see a support group in your area, join our association, search for other homeschoolers in your area, and consider starting a support group!  Everything is more fun when shared with friends!