Five Things Homeschooling Parents Know

By Camie Madsen

1. Homeschooling parents know that the traditional school setting is not the one and only place where children learn “socialization skills” such as, good manners, cooperation, sharing, taking turns, following instructions, teamwork, and leadership. Homeschooling parents know that these skills are first taught, and then consistently reinforced, within the child’s own family and home.

2. Homeschooling parents know that today’s secular schools rarely embrace the values taught and practiced in our homes and churches. My daughter summed this up when she told me that she did not want her younger sister to attend her high school, where condoms were freely distributed and where the gay flag boldly hung from the main hall. She wanted to protect her sister’s innocence and virtue. This is when we realized that schools today offer little to no spiritual protection for our children.

3. Homeschooling parents know that the “real world” bares little resemblance to the traditional classroom setting. Throughout my husband’s thirty plus-year career, he has never once worked solely with peers his own age, who live only within the boundaries of his own neighborhood. Rather, my husband has always worked with men and women of all ages and backgrounds, who commute from both near and far away.  

4. Homeschooling parents know that even public education has “gaps”. Think of all the different occupations in the world, such as florist, baker, chef, police officer, plumber, engineer, scientist, veterinarian, dentist, nurse, doctor, administrator, banker, accountant, firefighter, teacher, etc. etc. etc. Each profession requires a different amount of knowledge and skills, so there is no need for their educations to be exactly the same.

5. Homeschooling parents know that each child is wonderfully unique, with their own set of strengths and weaknesses, talents, interests, and learning styles. Unfortunately, even the best public school teacherscannot give classroom instruction and assignments in a way that would encompass each student's individuality. I say “cannot” because they will tell you that the system they work in simply does not allow it. Homeschooling parents know they can offer their children a one-of-a-kind, customized education that will truly fit their child.