Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett

What people like-

  • Unit studies incorporate multiple subjects together, such as science,  geography and history.
  • USAB is fairly inexpensive.
  • Children of multiple ages can learn together.
  • Each unit contains a lot of content.
  • Children will learn how to research.
  • Each unit features a lot of weblinks to make it interactive.
  • Children usually enjoy making the lapbooks.
  • No teacher prep is necessary.
  • There are a lot of unit topics to pick and choose from, including countries, animals, holidays, hobbies, historical people, etc.


What people don't like-

  • Requires a lot of printing, although you could pick and choose which pages to print.
  • The units are repetitive.
  • Some of the weblinks aren't that impressive.


User tips-

  • Buy from company website, Rainbow Resource Center, Amazon or Christianbook.com.
  • Buy as PDF downloads from the company website or as CD-Roms from other retailers.
  • You can check out sample pages on the company website.


Try instead-

Alpha Omega offers their Weaver curriculum which is unit study based. 

For history based unit studies, check out Learning Adventures.


Amanda Bennett/Rainbow Resource Center, Inc./ http://amandabennett.com/  or http://unitstudy.com/


Summary from company-

"Over the years, countless homeschool families have learned to turn to Amanda Bennett for outstanding and ground-breaking curriculum. For more than eighteen years, Amanda has been writing unit studies for children and the products keep evolving with technology.

Here at USAB, we have four series of products.

The Passport Geography series takes a student by the hand, and shows them the world, one country at a time. Grades K - 12

The Download N Go series takes a student in grades K - 4 on one-week, in-depth, learning adventures, exploring more than 50 topics.

The Unit Study Adventure series leads a student on a four-week investigation of topics of interest. Grades K - 12

The Heroes for Today series consists of a collection of stories of real heroes throughout history, perfect for today's students. Unlike Amanda's unit studies, these collections simply tell the captivating tales of history's heroes in story format.

All USAB unit studies are downloadable and ready for immediate use."

Source: http://unitstudy.com/