English Lessons Through Literature

Guest Review by: Jolynn

What we loved about this product:

  •  This is an all inclusive Language Arts program.
  • The literature selections are wonderful, both books and poetry.
  • Copywork, dictation, and grammar lessons all use passages from the book. (This is the way I have always thought language arts should be taught!)
  • English Lessons Through Literature is the perfect mix of Charlotte Mason and Classical Education.
  • I also like that the program can be completed doing lessons only three times a week.

What we did NOT love about this product:

  •  A couple of the books (a collection of Beatrix Potter stories and Just So Stories) seemed to drag out forever. While we enjoyed most of the tales, it would be more effective to break them up and sprinkle them between other books.

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Learning Language Arts Through Literature is a similar all-inclusive Language arts program.


Author: Kathy Jo DeVore

Website: http://www.barefootmeandering.com/

From the Company:  Formerly Language Lessons Through Literature. English Lessons Through Literature is a unique program which combines the gentleness of Charlotte Mason's methods with the thoroughness of classical methods. Level 1 is intended for first or second grade, and Level 2 is intended for second or third grade. Each level of this program has three lessons per week for thirty-six weeks, for a total of 108 lessons per year. Each lesson includes copywork, a literature selection to be read aloud, a poem, and an Aesop’s fable. Copywork selections are from the literature, the Bible, poems, and maxims. Each week includes a narration or a picture study. Literature selections include beloved children's classics such as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, and The Wind in the Willows. All literature selections are in the public domain in the United States. Optional workbooks are available for each level. See www.barefootmeandering.com for more details.

What Friends are Saying About, English Language Through Literature...

I used this with my fifth grader and we loved the literature selections and the variety of genres represented in each lesson. Since we hadn't done copywork before, that part of the assignment was difficult for us. It was pretty easy for my son to do these assignments independently, but more fun when we did this together. -Jana