Shurley English

What people like-

  • Logical and easy to teach.
  • Most kids like the jingles.
  • Excellent grammar instruction.


What people don’t like-

  • Too repetitive.
  • Dry and boring. Feels like school.
  • It requires a lot of teacher prep and direction.
  • The teacher’s manual can be confusing.
  • Does not teach spelling, phonics or reading.
  • Workbooks are not reproducible.


User tips-

  • Listen to samples of the jingles, and look at samples of the writing on the website.
  • Can buy through or


Try instead-

Want a language arts curriculum that teaches grammar, spelling, writing and reading all in one? Try Logic of English.

Looking for a grammar program that allows for more independent work? Try Easy Grammar


Author/Publisher/Website- Brenda Shurley/Shurley Instructional Materials, Inc./

Summary from company- “In 1989, eighteen years after I began this journey, our first edition of The Shurley Method: English Made Easy was published for grades 1-7. Today, our company has an expansive line of Language Arts curriculum including the fourth edition of the Shurley English series for public schools, a 15-week intensive grammar program, and a Spanish to English ELL curriculum.

With many parents now assuming the responsibility for educating their children at home, I have long recognized the need for providing assistance to parents who have undertaken this awesome responsibility. Teaching Language Arts need not be as foreboding a task as one might think. Realizing that many who are teaching language skills to their children are parents who themselves have had bad experiences with Language Arts, I have designed a homeschool series that engages children physically, as well as mentally. Not only will the children enjoy their journey through language-land, but those of you who are homeschooling your children will enjoy it too.”

What Friends Are Saying About, Shurley English...

You can do this! I highly suggest Shurley English for grammar! We love it! You will learn right along with your daughter and you will love it! There is so much help out there! -Jennifer

For Grammar and writing, I think Shurley English is the best. Once you get into it, the lessons are quick and the retention is amazing! I am learning the SWR (Spell to write and read) program right now which covers everything - speling, reading, writing, and is supposed to take you from early reading to 12th grade. I think it take a lot to learn hot to do it, but it's a one time purchase of the program (under $100 on amazon) and people swear by it. -Jenn

 I personally like Shirley English. We are doing 2,6 & 8. It does move a little fast,but I like th classifying(diagramming) sentences.8 is pretty aggressive, but my daughter is staying up with it(I end up having her explain some things to me!) -Charlotte

Shurley English has a scripted grammar and composition curriculum. I use one level for multiple ages and it seems to work for us. The jingles are pretty hokey, but it teaches a lot. -Mary

I have used Shurley English and IEW with my oldest. When I started schooling my youngest I went straight to IEW. -Mickela

I was amazed how much my kids learned about grammar. Way more than I ever did in school, but they claimed they hated it. It included a lot of expository writing practice, but not much creative writing. We still sing the Preposition Song. :) -Jana