Life of Fred Language Arts

What people like-

  • If your child likes Fred math, they will probably like Fred Language Arts.
  • The story makes learning grammar fun. It’s like a “living-book” for grammar.
  • Besides teaching grammar, it also covers spelling rules, vocabulary and literary terms.
  • The price is reasonable at $19 per book (there are four books in the series).


What people don’t like-

  • Seems more suitable to a younger audience than the target high school age.
  • Too odd and untraditional.
  • Fast paced with little practice/repetition.


User tips-

  • These books are geared for high school ages, but seem to work just fine for upper elementary to middle school.
  • Can purchase Fred books through Amazon, Rainbow Resource, Some offer the four books as a bundle.


Try instead-

For another untraditional approach that many homeschoolers like, try Winston Grammar


For a more traditional approach, try Shurley English.



Dr. Stanley Schmidt/Polka Dot Publishing/

Summary from company-

“No other textbooks are like these. Each text is written in the style of a novel with a humorous story line. Each section tells part of the life of Fred Gauss and how, in the course of his life, he encounters the need for understanding the simplicities and often the complexities of the English language. Each hardcover textbook contains ALL of the material – more than most instructors cover in traditional classroom setting. There are four books in the series. It is recommended that each of the four volumes be studied during each year of high school studies to prepare the student for life.”

What Friends Have to Say About, Life of Fred Language Arts Series...

 I like Life of Fred (Lang Arts)  but it is more advanced than elementary. The 4th grader may like it. -Amanda

We also bought the language arts books for fun and love them too! -Gabby

Life of Fred has math and language arts. It is out of the box and a little unusual but it might be just what you need. - TK

We have just loved Life of Fred math, but didn't love the language arts as much. I love the positive attitude about math that Fred has, but it continues over a little too strongly in the language arts where it sort of bashes on English. But if you have a student who "hates" language arts, they might find commiserating with Fred gratifying. ;) It moves at such a quick pace it wasn't a great fit for my second grader, but my fifth grader did fine. -Jana