A Beka

What people like-

  • All subjects you need to teach one grade level for one year is included.
  • Daily lesson plans and a yearly schedule are all laid out. All you have to do is follow along. 
  • Excellent phonics-based reading for young children.
  • Great penmanship/handwriting lessons. Cursive can be taught first if desired.
  • The materials are excellent quality and feature colorful illustrations for the younger grades.
  • A Beka is a Christian/Biblical curriculum.

What people don’t like-

  • It’s expensive! (See website for pricing).
  • It’s a textbook approach with a lot of worksheets. Can feel like school-at-home.
  • There is a lot of memorization, drill and repetition.
  • Does not encourage creativity and hands-on learning.

User tips-

  • If the math is moving too fast, take it at your child’s pace.
  • Skim over or skip the review if your child doesn’t need it.

Try instead-

Looking for a free all-in-one curriculum that includes daily lesson plans? Try Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool.http://allinonehomeschool.com/

Looking for a more hands-on curriculum? Check out Timberdoodle’scurriculum kits. https://www.timberdoodle.com/


Author/Publisher/Website- A Beka Book/ http://www.abeka.com/

Summary from company- “When you embark on the adventure of homeschooling, you want teaching resources you can depend on to ensure your child masters the subject matter, plus support and guidance to help you feel confident along the way. With A Beka Book, you’ll find materials that have been refined for over 40 years, a comprehensive curriculum designed specifically for use in your home, and engaging textbooks. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your child is learning everything he’s supposed to know. And you won’t have to create your own teaching strategy day after day. Our curriculum comes with easy-to-follow lesson plans. And, with free online resources at your disposal, you can be thoroughly prepared to train your child at every stage of his life.”

What Friends Are Saying About, A Beka-

"I purchased A Beka’s grade 1 child kit when I first started homeschooling my son. I thought it’d be nice to have everything spelled out for me, but we quickly learned that the school-in-a-box approach was not for us. The daily lesson schedule felt too confining to me, but some moms might appreciate having everything already planned out for them. It was easy to use, but there were far too many worksheets and writing involved for my son, who is a hands-on learner. The best part was the phonics which worked great for teaching my son to read. Also, the math was good. I did feel the materials were high quality. It just didn't fit our needs. -Camie

The Language Arts has very little prep work for the teacher and keeps the kids right with their peers. Is a great resource for the teacher. Has a lot of busy work, but it is easy to cut out the unnecessary work. Just remember it is ok to tailor it to your Childs needs. -Jeanette