Latter Day Learning, The Family School

What People Like :)

  • You can teach all kids/all ages at the same time
  • Academically rich
  • Infused with LDS doctrine throughout
  • Takes little preparation for parent
  • Fun for families
  • Online links/videos enhance lessons
  • Can choose online resources only for cheaper, or pay to get print copies

What People Don't Like :(

  • You have to find your own grammar and math program
  • Gospel Principle tied into every academic lesson
  • Not all years of their "6 Year Plan" have been written yet

User Tips:

  • There is a ton included in each lesson. Read through it beforehand so you can only use what your group can handle
  • If your oldest is in Kinder, wait until you have a grade schooler or two to make the most of this curriculum.

Try Instead:

If you like LDS curriculum, try: Kimber Academy or LIFE School

If you like LDS distance learning, try: Liahona Academy

If you like all in one curriculum for the whole family, try:



Author/Publisher: American Heritage School


Summary from Company: “Designed & developed by LDS homeschoolers for LDS homeschoolers, The Family School combines over 45 years of refined academics and the one-room schoolhouse format to enrich homeschooling for Latter-day Saint families who desire a restored gospel component with excellent academics.”

What Friends Say About Latter Day Learning, The Family School:

"I am loving it and so are my kids. It is the "one room school house" feel of teaching a lesson. Which is great when you have multiple children, of different ages, you are teaching. They have History, Geography, Art, Music, Literature, and science. Math you would need to do separately.  I would really love the paper version to have on hand (I love my paper books so I can mark them up and make notes). All of the lessons are from the LDS perspective giving Heavenly Father credit." -Lucetta

 "We love it! It has a lot of gospel concepts woven throughout the lessons. It has quotes from scripture and prophets and apostles. It's much more efficient to teach most of the subjects with all grade levels. We are big fans of it!"  -Janet

"I do LDL and I don't think it takes much prep at all. I usually just look over it briefly." -Katie

We have only been doing it for a week but I love it already! The only negative, is that there's no math and spelling, but we have been using something else for that anyway, so it's fine for us. -Jenessa

We love it. Once I figured out that I didn't need to cover all the lesson in one sitting, I enjoyed it even more! It's full of golden nuggets. -Maraly

it just bugs me.  It puts God not just where He is, but EVERYWHERE. Like "Children will understand that line is one of God’s elements of art." Uh, I don't remember anything anywhere in the scriptures about God creating art curriculum or instructions.  I love to put God in my school but it just pushes things to an extreme that I don't like. Plus it's tons and tons of talk to the kids while they sit in front of you, at least in the samples, and that would lead to chaos after 5-10 minutes here. I don't know if it changes beyond the samples as I was never willing to spend the money after reading the samples. -Faith

Been doing it for 2 years and love it. We have all ages, and it works great for "family table" learning. It has made our home a better place. - Zundel


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