Liahona Academy Distance Learning

What People Like :)

  • Liahona films grades 3-6, and grades 7-12 live. You can watch the classes live and participate, or watch at your leisure
  • Parents don't have to teach
  • Accredited and Non-accredited choices
  • Utilizes LDS and Freedom rich curriculum
  • Student interaction encouraged

What People Don't Like :( 

  • It's not free, but cheaper than BYU independent courses
  • A little tricky to figure out which courses to sign up
  • No Distance ed for younger than 3rd grade currently

User Tips:

  • If you do the accredited courses you receive a transcript that can be used for Utah colleges.
  • Elementary program in beta. Keep a lookout for their "Fast Track" courses where they post previous years lessons.

Try Instead:

If you like LDS distance learning try: Williamsburg Academy or BYU Independent Study

If you like distance learning for free try: Khan Academy or K12

If you like LDS curriculum: Try LatterDayLearning Family School, or Kimber Academy

What Friends Say About Liahona Prep Academy:

"Check out Liahona! They have the option of live or recorded classes, tons of ways to customize, and they're accredited, too!"

"Check into Their Distance Education program is amazing, and our kids have made great friends through Liahona even though they're Distance Ed (we live in Alabama)." -Heidi

 "Both American Heritage and Liahona are Private schools AND State accredited schools with distant learning programs in high school for this exact purpose. I know they try to keep costs down and believe they are less expensive than BYU on-line high school." - Debie

"My son started Liahona Academy last week. So far, I'm very happy with it. The teacher has been very responsive to e-mails and helping us get started. They really work to involve the distance learners. I love the LDS "flavor". We've done various Christian curriculums that were never quite a good fit." -Jeannine
"I don’t know if you are familiar with Liahona Preparatory  Academy, which is a private LDS-based school out of Pleasant Grove, Utah. 3 of my children have been distance students with Liahona for years now, and we absolutely love them. They have an amazing distance program, for both elementary and middle and high school. They are trying to get word out about their elementary distance program (we have been guinea pigs of this program for 2 years now and have loved every day of it). If you go to their home page, you can click on the promotional video on the right- Sister Rowley is wonderful. My son has had her for 2 years and he will miss her next year as he is moving up to the intermediate classes." -Camie



Author/Publisher: Brent and Kolleen DeGraff
Summary From Company: Liahona is a private preparatory academy, teaching core academic subjects with a Latter-day Saint gospel base. High school classes are divided into a 4 year rotation, elementary and junior high classes are divided into a two year rotation. Specifics are explained in the Scope and Sequence. Classes are taught by motivating and well qualified teachers who strive to provide a strong academic base, instill a love of learning, integrate revealed gospel principles and encourage patriotism. 

Classes are filmed daily for the benefit of academy students and our distance education program. All classes are available online through our secure website and may be viewed as many times as desired for the duration of the school year. In addition to filming technology, each academy student is leased a yearly iPad loaded with educational apps.