Miquon Math

What People Like :)

  • Great for early math education
  • Very hands-on
  • Utilizes a math discovery approach
  • Improves problem solving skills
  • Builds strong and positive math foundation

What People Don't Like :(

  • It is only for 1-3 grades
  • Some use it with another more traditional program

User Tips:

The website http://www.educationunboxed.com/ is free and demonstrates some of the methods used with Miquon math. This program prepares for and pairs nicely with Singapore math.

Try Instead:

If you like nontraditional methods like this, try Life of Fred.

If you want a curriculum that goes from 1st all the way through high school, try Math U See.

If you want something free for little kids try pre-k math pinterest boards.

Summary from the Company: "Based on the belief that mathematical insight grows out of observation, investigation, and the discovery of patterns, the six children's workbooks of the Miquon Math Materials lead children through an exploration of mathematical relationships.  Concrete models are not supplements to the written work but instead are the basis of it and are used continuously.

Unlike conventional math series that concentrate on the mechanical manipulations of arithmetic, Miquon Math presents a broader introduction to mathematics, of which arithmetic is only a part.  It allows children to be creative and imaginative problem solvers.

Miquon Math introduces all four arithmetic operations and work with fractions in the first year.  By the third year, students are graphing algebraic equations. Miquon Math stimulates children with a great variety of investigations. Although it stands alone, it can also be used to supplement a basal program already in use.

What LDSNHA Friends Say about Miquon

Miquon is awesome. You can get the e-books on CurrClick and just print what you need. In addition to the workbooks (by color) you need the Lab Sheet Annotations (basically the teacher's manual for each sheet of each workbook), and Cuisinaire rods. That's it for Miquon. The First Grade Diary follows the introduction of Miquon in a classroom to see how it works in application. You can go through one subject through all the levels or go one level at a time in various subjects. - Faith

We also like teaching textbooks, CTC math, and Miquon math (lots of hands-on and manipulatives.) with Miquon, I took out all the pages for kids to write on, hole-punched them, and stuck them in binders. We put them in clear protectors and do the work with dry-erase markers so I can use the same books for all the younger kids. -Jennie

 I like Miquon, we use it with cuisinaire rods. It doesn't have much in the way of teacher help, but I like how we explore the lab sheets together. -Janine

My kids are little. For the K-3 crowd, Miquan is great. I think we're going into Singapore after that. You can get a nice feel for Miquon with the Education Unboxed videos. -DoriAnn


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