Analytical Grammar

Guest Review by: Jolynn

What we loved about this product: 

The theory behind this program is that grammar is a relatively small body of information, and can be taught in a short period of time. The authors believe that we begin teaching grammar way to early. They recommend beginning a serious study of grammar in middle school/jr. high, and then using workbooks for weekly re-enforcement. What was a relief this was for me since we've had some years that grammar just wasn't gonna happen. Maybe my children won't be ruined after all! We used AG for 7th and 8th grades, but it could certainly be used in high school. It is extremely thorough, and even I learned new things. I love that they start by diagramming prepositional phrases, and working up from there. The weird part of me that enjoys doing a good algebra problem just for fun also enjoyed doing some of the sentence diagramming along with my son just for fun.

What we did NOT love about this product: 

There were a few times we couldn't figure out why something was diagrammed as it was. The instructions are generally pretty clear, though.

Advice for Others About this Product?: 

If you are not a fan of sentence diagramming, Analytical Grammar is not for you. Also, there is a dvd that can be purchased separately. A friend of mine purchased this hoping for more instruction, as she was having difficulty figuring out how to do some of the diagramming She was disappointed to find that it merely repeated what was in the teacher manual. I haven't seen the dvd myself, but I would recommend doing a little research before spending the extra money on the dvd. I found my eighth grader could do the diagramming after reading the instructions in his student manual.

Target Age for This Product: Teens (11+)


Author/Publisher: Robin Finley and Erin Karl 

Statement from Company: "What is Analytical Grammar?
A: It is a unique method of teaching grammar, which starts from "ground zero" - assuming that the student knows no grammar - and continues on from concept to concept, until the entire body of knowledge which we call grammar is covered. The concepts, rather than being taught separately, are woven together into a logical whole which the student will recognize to be what he already knows about how words are put together into sentences to make meaning. Since these concepts make sense to kids, they remember them."

What Others Have to Say About, Analytical Grammar...

We used Jr Analytical Grammar and Mechanics this year for grades 4 and 6. I am very pleased with how much they learned. Plus, whenever I had a question, I posted it on their Facebook page, and the authors answered immediately. -Mischa