Music Appreciation for the Elementary Grades: Book 1

What people like-

  • It’s a comprehensive curriculum (with all the components).

  • Children of multiple ages can learn together.
  • Children will study seven famous composers.
  • Can buy the components separately or together.
  • Offers hands-on activities, writing exercises, a lap book, student activity book and more.
  • Includes all of the music from the biographies taught (on 5 CDS).
  • Was designed to be an entire school year’s worth of curriculum.


What people don’t like-

  • The coloring book isn’t anything special.
  • Most homeschool reviews are very positive about this product.


User tips-

  • Can also purchase through Rainbow Resource, Christianbook and Amazon.
  • Even though it’s geared for elementary ages, it works great for middle school ages as well.
  • It is recommended to purchase an activity book for each student.


Try instead-

Check out Maestro Classics, where stories like, Peter and the Wolf, come to life through narration and the talents of the London hilharmonic Orchestra!


52 is definitely worth checking out for free composer studies.


Elisabeth Tanner; Judy Wilcox/ Zeezok Publishing/

Summary of company-

“Music Appreciation for the Elementary Grades: Book 1 will introduce children to seven different composers, dating from 1685 to 1828 (Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Paganini and Schubert). Each composer’s childhood and adult life are vividly described in individual biographies. Every important incident is mentioned and every detail of the stories is true. Each book contains written music and delightful pictures throughout. It is more than the human side of these books that will make them live, for in the music the great masters breathe.

This book includes a variety of hands-on activities such as: geography lessons, history lessons, recipes, instrument studies, music vocabulary, hand writing, musical facts of the Classical period, timelines, character trait studies, and so much more. Geared for a variety of learners—auditory, kinesthetic, visual, and just plain “active”—the Student Activity Book is an excellent companion to your reading experience.”