Phonics Pathways

What people like-

  • Fairly inexpensive. Amazon and have it for just over $22.
  • Complete curriculum in one book.
  • Embraces all learning styles.
  • Multi-sensory, meaning children practice by hearing, speaking, tracing, etc.
  • Simple and straight-forward in its approach.
  • Includes game ideas to make learning, fun.
  • The font size is big in the beginning part for young readers.

What people don’t like-

  • Might be too “busy” and distracting for some children.


User tips-

  • Check your library for Phonics Pathways first. That way you can try before you buy.
  • Suppliment with readers of your choice.


Try instead-

Alpha-Phonics seems comparable.  

For a bargain phonics program, try Candy 4way Phonics



Dolores G. Hiskes/Jossey-Bass/


Summary from company-

“The 10th edition of this beloved old classic is here! It is enhanced with many new features:

• Pictures now illustrate every sound introduced. Eases learning for everyone.
• Expanded lessons for dividing multisyllable words clarify this sometimes-tricky issue.
• Nonsense words inserted at strategic points ensure that students read using the phonics skills they have learned.
• A unique “Short Sheet of Vowels” will soon become indispensable for teaching/ testing students.”

What Friends are Saying About Phonics Pathways...

Phonics Pathways goes over all the spelling rules. And it's only $20 - Cami

Phonics Pathways by Dolores Hiskes has worked well for teaching all 4 of my kids to read. -Susan

Check out the book, Phonics Pathways. My daughter enjoyed the games. - Amy

100 Easy Lessons is not good for dyslexia or tracking issues. We've used Pathways to Phonics, which is real good, but even better is Spell to write and Read -Karla

Kindergarten at our house is a page of Phonics Pathways, a page or two of Math-U-See Primer, a page of Handwriting Without Tears, and lots of playtime. All of that minus the playtime takes about 30 minutes (sometimes less) per day. -Susan B

Also heard good things about AAR readers, but they were too expensive for us. We did hooked on phonics K on the computer with BOB books, then McGuffy on Easy Peasy Homeschool (, but quickly switched to Pathway Readers when I realized they were similar. They have workbooks that come with, and everything is inexpensive. We use the Pathway Readers and Abeka workbooks Letters and Sounds1 and Language 1 for reading and it has gone smoothly together. -Christen

Phonics Pathways is excellent for older learners as well as children. -Amy M