Going to College

As our oldest daughter started applying to different colleges, our eyes were opened to all of the experiences that she SHOULD have had in her life. Colleges are looking for well-rounded students that have had lots of different skills and opportunities. They want students that can handle new experiences and be leaders. As we started writing down different experiences that Sarah had had in her life, we realized that she was very well rounded and had many wonderful experiences that would add to her application. We just wished that we would've kept track all along--instead of racking our brains trying to remember jobs, service hours, leadership positions, extra-curricular, etc.

Sometimes we just need a checklist. Here is a great one for kids to help them be more well rounded and try new things--AND it's all in one place! This is a great poster to hang up when kids turn 12, and have them start filling it in! (and keep it to use for your college applications!)



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- Kari