Beautiful Feet Books

What people like-

  • Supports a Charlotte Mason philosophy.
  • Excellent selection of “living books”.
  • Can be used for all grade levels.
  • Can purchase the books separately or in a package.
  • BFB has brought back classic books by great authors that were going out of print.


What people don’t like-

  • BFB is less structured than other curriculums.


User tips-

The website has a recommended sequence for study based on grade level.

To save money, purchase the study guides separately and then find the books through the library or thrift stores.


Try instead-

For a more structured curriculum, try Winter Promise, which is also Charlotte Mason based.

Author/Publisher/Website- Various authors (Rea Berg is founder)/ Beautiful Feet/

Summary from company- “At Beautiful Feet Books we believe great literature has the power to unlock history and make it come alive for students. Our award-winning history programs help students develop a love of learning by showing them the joy found in reading great literature."

Beautiful Feet presents a nurturing approach to learning. By choosing the best books available we help your family experience the enjoyment of learning history through literature.”

What Friends Are Saying About Beautiful Feet Books...

I loved using Beautiful Feet's Character curriculum a few years ago. So far it is the best thing, the most loved thing, the most beneficial thing I've ever done. I'm planning on using it again this fall. I can not praise it enough! - Amanda

Beautiful Feet books also have really good ancient history book sets. We did Ancient History last year and our favorites are: Herodotus and the road to history, Archimedes (by Bendick), God King, The Story of the Greeks by Guerber (my teen just finished that one and I liked it as well but it might be too long for little ones). I also liked the Bronze Bow but my kids have not heard it yet. We had a hard time getting into The Cat of Bubastes but I think listening to an audio would have been perfect. -Billie