The Mystery of History

Volume I Creation to Christ

Volume II The Middle Ages

Volume III The Renaissance

Volume IV Wars of Independence


What people like-

  • MOH teaches biblical history alongside world history.
  • Events are all in chronological order.
  • Works well for multiple ages.
  • Includes a timeline, mapping, activity ideas and memory cards.


What people don’t like-

  • There are a lot of supplemental materials which increase the cost.
  • MOH may have too much text reading to hold the interest of younger children.
  • There is prep work for the crafts and timeline.


User tips-

  • See the website for sample lessons.
  • Use the following site to coordinate lessons from Mystery of History with Story of the World


Try instead-

Want to compare another biblical history curriculum to MOH? Take a look at History Revealed

Prefer biblical history from an LDS perspective? Try Life School

or Latter-day Learning (please note that these are both all-inclusive curriculums that cover most academic subjects as a package deal.)



Linda Hobar/Bright Ideas Press/

Summary from company-

“The Mystery of History is classical for two reasons. For one, it is based on the classics of time that scholars, poets, and commoners have read and re-read.  Classics in literature, music, art, and philosophy are all found here. Second, the curriculum is structured to follow a popular classical approach to learning with an emphasis on reading, writing, and research.

The Mystery of History follows history in the order that it happened all over the world.  By keeping a growing timeline and a Student Notebook divided by continents, students are able to pull together what was happening when and where.

The Mystery of History is written from a Christian world view and uniquely weaves world cultures and stories of the past alongside the events of the Bible.”

What Friends Say About The Mystery of History...

I've liked The Mystery of History and America The Beautiful by Notgrass. KONOS is also fun and will def. make History come alive! - Amanda

 I use Story of the World, along with Mystery of History, which gives more in between and lesser know stories like Jubal and Tubal Cain, and it's very Christian. It's also dryer...I really want to get the lapbooks for MOH which are easily printable. -Aileen

We use Mystery of History and like it very much. Of course it is not from an LDS perspective sometimes and I have to make some adjustments. But it is really interesting and the chronological order seems to be on point. My kiddos enjoy the lessons and assignments. - Celeste

I disliked Mystery of History very much. It was the writing style that turned me off the most. - Kellie

We really enjoy Mystery of History. I like the more Christian approach. We did volume I in our co-op and I was the teacher for that course. There are fun hands on activities for all ages. I taught at the high school level but we also had an 8 year old who kept right up with the middle schoolers. I love how she takes us through the prophets of the Old Testament. We learned so much about the early history from that perspective which was very refreshing. I think I may have liked it the most since I am a convert to the church and grew up in a very secular environment and went to Stanford Elementary. I never knew all this amazing history from the Judaic perspective. -Katerina