Christian Kids Explore Science Series

What people like-

  • Teaches science from a Christian/Biblical perspective.
  • Each book covers one year of science material.
  • While each book has a recommended grade range, the lessons can be adapted to include younger students in the family.
  • Each lesson includes vocabulary words with straight-forward definitions.
  • The hands-on activities feature common household items and clear instructions.
  • Affordable at $39.95 per book, and most books include a helpful resource cd.


What people don’t like-

  • It’s a textbook curriculum which may not be engaging enough for some children.

User tips-

  • Bright Ideas Press has a sample unit for each book on their website.
  • Take advantage of the included resource and book list

Try instead-

For a more engaging elementary science curriculum, check out Investigate the Possibilities.



Robert W. Ridlon, Jr. & Elizabeth J. Ridlon OR Stephanie L. Redmond/Bright Ideas Press/   

Summary from company-

“Discover God's majesty from a single molecule to an entire universe! Embark on a lifelong quest to know God through His creation with our award-winning series, Christian Kids Explore Science.

Begin with Biology or Earth and Space , by Stephanie Redmond, for grades 1-6 and share science learning with all of your elementary students.  Both titles offer: teaching lessons, gorgeous coloring pages, hands-on activities, memorization lists, review sheets, creative writing assignments, and an awesome supplemental book list!

Dig deeper with ChemistryPhysics and Creation Scienceby Professors Bob and Liz Ridlon, for grades grades 4-8.  Each of these titles solidly prepares your student for high school science as they build their knowledge and confidence with: 30 lessons, hands-on activities, unit reviews, supplemental book lists and a supplemental CD.  Each CD offers: daily lesson plans, reproducibles, materials lists and a bonus literature study guide!”

What Friends are Saying About Christian Kids Explore Science Curriculum...

My 5th grader and I used Christian Kids Explore Physics in our homeschool this year. We found this book to be a great fit for us. We covered a lot of subjects in one year, such as force, gravity, friction, electricity, Newton’s Laws, molecules and much more. The reading text was just right in my opinion- just enough information to really understand the concept. My favorite part was the vocabulary list. My son enjoyed the activities and we added to them by including experiments from the Steve Spangler website. -Camie