Supercharged Science

What people like-

  • Aurora Lipper is an actual scientist (she was a NASA rocket scientist!) and mechanical engineer.
  • The programs are self-guiding for kids to do a lot on their own.
  • This is as hands-on as you can get with homeschool science.
  • Children become passionate about science.

What people don’t like-

  • It’s expensive! The e-science program for K-8 is $37/month, and that does not include supplies.
  • The science mastery is $695 for a year’s worth of science experiments, including most of the materials needed for 100+ projects.
  • The e-science requires a lot of prep work for the parent, especially for young children.

User tips-

  • There are some free resources on the website.
  • Aurora does offer a full money-back guarantee within a trial period.

Try instead-

Like the idea of Supercharged Science, but simply can’t afford it? Try these free online resources to add hands-on science to your homeschool- Tops Science offers free sample labs, andSteve Spangler Science offers free experiment videos. 

Prefer to buy one or two science kits instead? Take a look at Homeschool Science which offers home science adventure kits.


Author/Publisher/Website- Aurora Lipper/

Summary from company- “The science curriculum you'll find here is self-guiding, so you're kids can do it on their own. Also, it's very hands-on, so you're kids won't be reading boring lessons from a book - they'll be doing real science, like real scientists do in the lab. I promise they will learn more science AND enjoy it more in 2 months that they will from a typical year of "traditional" science education.

The programs and free resources you'll find on this site are great if you've got a young Einstein who just can't get enough science. You'll find hundreds of science experiments, step-by-step videos and even a place to ask questions for our team of real scientists to answer.”

What friends are saying about Supercharged Science...

I use and love Supercharged Science. - Brenda

Supercharged Science is awesome - Angela

We like Supercharged Science. - Miriam

it is really great if you have kids who are willing to watch something and then try it. - Tori

We are enjoying supercharged science. She's inspiring! - LeeAnna