Child-size Masterpieces

What people like-

  • Beautiful postcard reproductions of famous artwork.
  • Gives children their first introduction to famous artists, in a hands-on way.
  • The sorting and matching games are fun for preschoolers.
  • This works great for classical education and supports the Montessori method.


What people don’t like-

  • Children go through the art card sets fast (there are 16 sets per book).
  • There is prep work to cut out the cards and laminate them if desired.
  • A separate book has to be purchased with corresponding lessons and activity ideas.


User tips-

Purchase the books separately from Amazon or Rainbow Resource, and other online bookstores.

To fully implement the program the way Aline Wolf designed it, purchase her How to Use Child-size Masterpieces For Art Appreciation book.


Try instead-

Looking for something for both younger and older children in one book? Try The Usborne Art Treasury.



Aline D. Wolf/Parent Child Press/


Summary from company-

“Now standard in Montessori classrooms nationwide, Aline Wolf’s program for Primary through Elementary-age children makes teaching art appreciation easy. Beginning with matching activities, the exercises gradually increase in difficulty, progressing from sorting activities to laying out a time line.” 

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