What people like-

  • It's a simple, logical approach to teaching children how to read.
  • Very affordable, at $34.95 for one, reusable book + a CD rom
  • The book is spiral bound so it lays flat.
  • There is an Amazon edition for the Kindle.
  • Contains pre-reading exercises to familiarize children with the alphabet.
  • Requires no parent/teacher preparation.


What people don’t like-

  • The large calligraphy font doesn’t appeal to every parent.


User tips-

  • Check out the sample lessons on the website.
  • Some parents add their own phonics flashcards to supplement Alpha-Phonics.


Try instead-

If you’d rather teach your child to read with a first-reader series, try Bob Books

If you’d rather use a computer based phonics program, try Funnix.


Author/Publisher/Website- Samuel L. Blumenfeld/The Paradigm Company/

Summary from company- “Alpha-Phonics uses a phonogram approach. One vowel is presented at a time and reading skills are developed by studying all the possible word families of that vowel before moving to the next vowel. Alpha-Phonics provides extensive word lists and practice sentences to reinforce basic skills. As the pupil becomes more advanced, library books may be used for supplemental reading practice. While no separate readers are necessary, we do offer a set of readers which are closely coordinated to the material in the book itself.”