All About Reading

What people like-

  • Children can learn at their own pace.
  • Works well for all learning styles.
  • Engaging and interactive for children.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Easy for parents to prepare.


What people don’t like-

  • It's expensive. (See website for pricing).
  • The fluency sheets are too long for struggling readers.

User tips-

  • Definitely get the teacher’s manual.
  • Each level has a placement test.
  • There are free apps and downloads on the website.

Try instead-

For an inexpensive phonics curriculum, try Phonics Pathways

Looking for a FREE online phonics program? Check out Progressive Phonics

Logic of English is often chosen over All About Reading


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Summary from company-

“All About Reading is a fun and engaging program that starts with essential pre-reading skills and continues on to teach all five key components of reading. It contains everything your student needs to become a fluent reader for life!”

What Friends are Saying About All About Reading...

We LOVE All About Reading. I've done Levels Pre-1, 1, and 2 with my oldest, (he is now 7), and I'm almost done with Pre-1 with my 5 year old. I just started All About Spelling Level 1 with my 7 year old, but they overlap a lot in terms of how the phonograms are taught. If you are smart, unlike I was at first, you can re-use all the student pages so it will be completely free for subsequent kids. I need to buy the Level 1 workbook again because I was chucking papers after we did them. smile emoticon Level Pre-1, which I would totally recommend for your 4 year old, is the only consumable one so you'd need to buy it if you have younger ones. We'll be moving on to AAS 2 and AAR 3 for my 2nd grader and AAR 1 for my Kindergartener in the fall. - Ambra

the kit is used for every single level of AAS andAAR, so buying it once you are set for all your kids. Then it's just the manual and cards for each level. It really is excellent for the rules. -Faith

We use AAR with my 11 yr old. It is amazing the progress she has made since starting this program. - Melissa

I didn't like AAR.... we use Reading Eggs and supplement with free worksheets and activities I find online. But we do love AAS!! -Jennifer

 I did a lot of comparative research between AAS/AAR and Logic of English (because they take a similar approach) online (if you google it tons of stuff comes up) and the overwhelming majority favored LOE. I had already started AAR but switched over to LOE and I've been very happy with it so far. -Tiffany